The Fabbri Art Prize

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The Fabbri Art Prize

Spreading the spirit of Italian craftsmanship around the globe also means diving into the world of art and being carried away by its passions.

The Fabbri family has always been fascinated by the artistic side of life: “In our work, it is the search for a unique, inimitable style that inspires us to improve and create little bits of magic.”The Fabbri Art Prize, created for the company’s centennial celebrations, has been held every three years since 2005. Internationally-renowned artists have contributed works in numerous genres, media, and expressive techniques. Fabbri has had a connection to art since the first years of the company’s business: the founder himself, Gennaro Fabbri, was the one who chose to commission a famous ceramic artist to design the blue-and white jar which became so iconic of the company. The artistic connection returned again in the ‘60s, during the Carosello era, with “Painter of the Week,” a series of advertising shorts in which emerging artists, including a very young Guttuso, were filmed as they worked in their studios. The old tradition of artistic patronage returned for the modern era, in a modern style.

Now more than ever, we believe that supporting

and showcasing young artists creates opportunity

for everyone: art enriches the lives of the artists

who create it, the viewers who enjoy it, and the patrons
who believe in the value of individuals and their creativity