A family company since 1905

Fabbri 1905, a company boasts a hundred years of experience in the fine Italian culinary tradition, offers premium ingredients and innovative solutions to professionals and consumers. Fabbri products are that special touch that brings out individual creativity, at home and away from home, in the preparation of food and beverages.

Quality is the core of the Company

A company can only be considered great when its products, processes and personnel are all of the highest quality.

An Italian family Company

It all began with a bright idea from Gennaro Fabbri in 1905, when he opened the “Premiata Distilleria G. Fabbri” distillery in Portomaggiore, Ferrara. After just a few years, the business was successful enough that it moved to a larger headquarters in Bologna, and ownership was passed down from generation to generation for over 100 years. To this day, Fabbri 1905 is run by the fourth and fifth generations of that same Fabbri family.

Amarena Fabbri is our icon

It was 1915 when Rachele Fabbri, wife of founder Gennaro, invented the recipe for what she called “marena con frutto.” Today, Amarena Fabbri is still the unique and unparalleled result of over 100 years of tradition passed down through the generations, and has become a symbol of authentic Italian-made products as well as a constant favourite of Italians all over the world.

A showcase of Italian culinary know-how

Fabbri 1905 carries on the traditions of quality and excellence that define Italian culinary craftsmanship: from the products themselves, to the processes by which they are made, and the great passion everyone in the company has for their work. The fame that Fabbri currently enjoys on the international stage is all due to its careful attention to quality.