Fabbri Art Award - 2005
Fabbri Art Award - 2005

The first edition of the Fabbri Art Award was held in 2005, the year in which the company celebrated its centenary. To celebrate the anniversary, Fabbri invited 28 internationally renowned Italian artists to "play" with the image of the ceramic vase, the undisputed icon of the company.  

The theme of the exhibition was therefore the Amarena vase, which the artists had to place at the center of their creations, interpreting it, without distorting its historical image, according to their own style, taste and inclination.   

Painters, sculptors, ceramists and photographers were asked to reinterpret the company, creating the works that were to be exhibited at the Fondazione Monte di Bologna from May 30 to June 30, 2005. In reality, given the large number of visitors (over 1000 in the first three weeks), it was extended until July 15, 2005. 

The exhibition, curated by Maurizio Sciaccaluga and illustrated by a catalog published by Skira, proved to be an interesting compendium of contemporary Italian art trends. 

Moreover, a work created in 1957 by a young Renato Guttuso, testimonial for the Fabbri Carousel "Un pittore alla settimana", was exposed to the public for the first time. 

Corrado Zeni Corrado Zeni

Radici e germogli (Roots and sprouts)

Dany Vescovi Dany Vescovi

Le Amarene (The amarena cherries)

Giorgio Tonelli Giorgio Tonelli

The beginning

Leonardo Pivi Leonardo Pivi

Un secolo dolce (A sweet century)

Alex Pinna Alex Pinna

Coccio biancoblu (White-and-blue pottery)

Fabrizio Passarella Fabrizio Passarella

BollyMood Cherry Parade (VotAntonio!)

Luigi Ontani Luigi Ontani

Winner of The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Gianmarco Montesano Gianmarco Montesano

Winner of  The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Aldo Mondino Aldo Mondino

Winner Of  The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Nino Migliori Nino Migliori

Winner Of  The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Marco Lodola Marco Lodola

Cremolato (cremolata)

Omar Galliani Omar Galliani

Amarene siamesi (Siamese amarena cherries)

Maurizio Galimberti Maurizio Galimberti

Amarena Fabbri “Marta con Gialla” 

Roberto Floreani Roberto Floreani

Winner of  The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Giosetta Fioroni Giosetta Fioroni

Ceramiche di Giosetta Fioroni (Pottery by Giosetta Fioroni)

Fulvio Di Piazza Fulvio Di Piazza

Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Aldo Damioli Aldo Damioli

Winner Of The Fabbri Art Award 2005

Pablo Echaurren Pablo Echaurren

Tentazione in blu (Temptation in blue)

Enrico T. De Paris Enrico T. De Paris

Laboratory # 100/05

Giacomo Costa Giacomo Costa

Scena n. 25 (Scene No. 25)

Antonella Cinelli Antonella Cinelli

Naufragio (Wreck)

Lorenzo Capellini Lorenzo Capellini


F.Lli Calgaro F.Lli Calgaro

Due Amarene (Crime of passion)

Stefano Cagol Stefano Cagol

Delitto per amore (Crime of passion)

Dario Arcidiacono Dario Arcidiacono

L’amarena più grande del mondo (World’s largest amarena cherry)

Matteo Basilè Matteo Basilè


Corrado Bonomi Corrado Bonomi

Winner of The Fabbri Art Award 2005