Gelato soft-ice

Creamy temptations

Choose from many flavours that will make your product even more delicious.

Soft serve ice cream is an evolution of Italian-style gelato, reinterpreted in a softer, creamier key.

Fabbri1905's offer is characterised by a line of balanced and complete preparations, easily soluble in cold water, suitable for preparation of mixtures to be used in Soft Serve machines.



Both “paste” and “powder” preparations, complete and balanced, in 38 different flavours.

Designed to meet the practicality and speed requirements of ice cream makers, they are used cold. Simply add 3 tins of water and/or milk to 1 tin of the desired flavour of Simplé, mix and place in the soft serve machine.

You can create an infinite range of flavours by customising each one with Fabbri's Toppings and Variegates.

Why choose them

  • 38 flavours for consistent “in every season” quality.
  • Balanced compound ingredients
  • Hygienically guaranteed because they are pasteurised
  • Gluten-Free
  • Cold use