since 1905

For a company that has always enhanced the value of the earth’s products,
the relationship with the environment is a natural thing.

Fabbri 1905 undertakes to ensure that the projects, processes and methodologies take into account the development of scientific research and extensive experience in environmental matters, in order to respect the territorial balance, prevent pollution, and protect the environment and landscape.

The greatness of a company, however, lies not only in the quality of its products and processes, but also and above all in the people who work there. Fabbri 1905 seeks to embody this quality and the extraordinary passion with which its workers pursue this mission, through the constant innovation of its products and the technologies used.

Sustainability Report

Since 2022, Fabbri has decided to undertake a formalized path to integrate and systematize sustainability in its operations, drawing up the first Sustainability Report. This document is Fabbri 1905's first Sustainability Report, and its function is not only to prepare the company for future reporting obligations, but also represents an opportunity to better understand and measure its environmental and social impact. This Sustainability Report is a valuable tool through which Fabbri can and will innovate and communicate its work, responding to complex issues and to the needs of its stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report covers the period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022, and the reporting boundary of the data and information contained therein relates to the administrative plant in Bologna and the production plant in Anzola, which together represent “Fabbri 1905”.


Discover the thematic areas on which the company is focusing its sustainable strategic directives: