Fabbri art prize

The centenary of an Italian dessert legend, symbol
of a tradition that has renewed itself over the years,
celebrated in six editions of a prestigious arts prize for young talents.

The Fabbri Art Prize, launched to mark the company’s centenary, has taken place every three years since 2005. All six editions of the Prize have been made unforgettable by the internationally-renowned artists who have taken part and the works of art of great visual impact that have been exhibited. 

Our family has always been fascinated by the artistic dimension of life: in our work, the search for a unique and unmistakable style is the stimulus that drives us to create and improve our little magic recipes.

Alessandra Giovannoni- Strada con villa Fabbri - V Edizione premio Fabbri per l'Arte del 2015

Beauty has been our compass ever since the early 20th century, when Gennaro Fabbri commissioned the first Amarena jar by the renowned ceramist from Faenza, Riccardo Gatti, founder of the award-winning art studio.

It was a winning team made up of two great men, enthusiastic experimenters of new techniques and expressions: Gennaro with his culinary creation of recipes and top-quality products, Riccardo with his steadfast production of unique works of art. From that moment on, the unmistakable and fascinating Faenza blues created by Riccardo Gatti became our company symbol.

In the 1950s and 1960s, on Italy’s most popular television programme Carosello (or Carousel), we invented the series “A painter a week” with a series of commercials in which emerging artists (even including Renato Guttuso at the height of his fame) were filmed as they created their works.

Our love for art has become our company's identity. Today more than ever, we believe that supporting and promoting young artists means providing an opportunity for everyone, because art enriches the artists themselves, the people who receive it and the sponsors who believe in the value of people and creativity.